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Tourist Attractions #3

With 2,713 islands, Raja Ampat has a unique landscape. Karst islands lie on the turquoise colored sea water, which will provide an unforgettable experience just by crossing them. We can stop at one of the islands, or maybe at the uplifted sand that appears only when the tide is low, to play on the soft white sand. If you want the beauty at once, we hike for a while until we arrive at the view point and witness the splendor for yourself.

  1. Kofiau Birdwatching
  2. Sawingrai Birdwatching
  3. Waifoi Birdwatching
  4. Wailebet Birdwatching
  5. Warimak Birdwatching
  6. Warkesi Birdwatching
  7. Yenbeser Birdwatching
  8. Yenwaupnor Birdwatching
  9. Warir Kalobo – Wallaby Exploring
  10. Rumbabo – Sea Snake Exploring
  11. Kelelawar Island – Bat Exploring

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