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Tourist Attractions #4

Raja Ampat is part of the Geopark area, so there is no doubt about its geological wealth. Its nature keeps the history of one tenth of Earth’s age, where the land was still in the deep sea, 2 million years ago, and then exposed to become the islands we see today. Ornaments of karst rocks on cliffs, or those that appear in the middle of the ocean, to geosites and caves, are geotourism spots that are continuously being developed.

  1. Karst of Sunmalelen Rock Art
  2. Karst of Pef Island Rock Art
  3. Karst of Selpele Rock Art
  4. Muhidin Cave
  5. Fanfanlol Cave
  6. Jepang Batanta Cave
  7. Jepang Samate Cave
  8. Keramat Cave
  9. Kolam Biru Tomolol Cave
  10. Putri Termenung Cave
  11. Saporkren Cave
  12. Waiwo Cave

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